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Shanghai United Law Firm

Shanghai United Law Firm (“United”), founded in 1984, is a prestigious leading law firm of rich history providing comprehensive legal services in China. In addition to the head office in Shanghai, United has set up offices throughout China.

United has accumulated broad professional experience and attained unique advantage over almost forty years of development. United upholds the moto of “Professional, Perfection, Precise and Prestige”. We provide our clients with legal advices and solutions in various practicing areas and sectors of industry:

United's solid and meticulous practice style, as well as effective and efficient quality service, has been consistently recognized by its clients and repeatedly awarded among peers. Some of honors and awards include:


  • National Outstanding Law Firm

  • Shanghai Advanced Law Firm

  • Shanghai Civilized Unit

  • Shanghai Civilized Showcase

  • Advanced Unit of Shanghai Justice Administration System

  • Civilized Unit of Shanghai Justice Administration System

Taiwan Cichi Law Offices

Zong Heng Consulting Services

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